A short video about the Belize Action Community mission and its vision for Belizeans youth

Belize Action Community Survey


Issues such as youth violence, unemployment, lack of decent livelihood, relevant affordable education, health care, and affordable fuel (in a country that exports oil!) need to be addressed in the context of a bigger picture - our current socio-economic and political system. We who make up Belize Action Community believe that addressing these problems at their roots requires an ongoing effort to better understand our social, political, economic and environmental setting - past and present.


To that end, another important project is a survey that we are conducting through a written questionnaire (downloaded here) and video interviews with some local folks who have been involved in social and political work in our communities. The purpose of our survey is to help us to understand our current socio-economic and political conditions and also to see whether the policies of current and previous Governments has served the social and economical need of the Belizean people.


Please take the time to fill out this questionnaire and email it back to Mr. Abdul Nunez with your answers. His email address is abdulnunez75@gmail.com

Questionnair for the BAC Survey- 2012.doc Questionnair for the BAC Survey- 2012.doc
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Vounteer with the Belize Action Community

The Belize Action Community aims to provide Belizean children and young people with a positive outlook towards their future. It is a call for action for everyone involved in or interested in the social productivity of our youth. It is vital that our youth envision a better social and economic condition for themselves, and more importantly have the skills and knowledge required to manifest their dreams. Our youth represent an enormous untapped resource. Their enthusiasm, creativity and insight offer critical solutions to many pressing problems.


We at the Belize Action Community believe that to have a youth population whom has discovered his or her potential, and furthermore has developed skills and knowledge necessary to achieve those potentials is the best way to address the problems of criminal activities, drugs, and gang participation.  Through our Life Skills program we have helped many of young people to regain their sense of belonging and self-worth. 

 Through our Job Force/ Apprenticeships projects we have helped our unskilled and at-risk youth to become proficient in various disciplines such as information technology, community gardening, construction, furniture making, and traditional crafts, such as drum making. We also provide academic counseling with scholarships as incentives for those who desire higher academic education.

In the past 13 years since the Belize Action Community was formed in 1991, we have organized many lectures, workshops, classes, and hands-on trainings for the empowerment of our youth with the help local businesses, faith-based institutions and other community-based organizations.

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