Belize Community Tourism focus

Belize: the cultural cross road of black African descendants and Maya

1) Belize City is the visual history of our nation.  Modern Belize City was founded (originally as "Belize Town") in 1638. It had previously been a Maya city called Holzuz.  Belize Town became the home of thousands of African slaves brought in by the British.  Liberty Hall, House of Culture and the Belize Museum are keys to understanding the black African and Maya cultures of Belize.

2) Dangriga is the urban center of the Stann Creek district and is home to the Garinagu whose ancestors’ sought refuge in southern Belize in the early 1800s. Dangriga vibrates with art, music, and a linguistic rhythm unique to the Garinagu.

3) Punta Gorda is the cultural hub of the Maya. Punta Gorda serves as the gateway to Central America.  Many Mayan temples exist in the jungles of Belize.  Lubantun is the nearest Mayan temple to Punta Gorda
The Belizean community people will generate income as culturally prepared tour guides, fisher folk caye (small islands) experience, home stay lodgings, river boat tours,  community restaurants.  Visitors will enjoy activities such as off-shore fishing, caving, bird watching and visits to Maya sites.

The five major ethnic makeup groups of the districts is Kriol, Garifuna , Maya, Mestizo and East Indians.
Community based Tourism is headed by Mr. Philip Usher owner and manager Jungle Hut Resort of Dangriga Town, Mr Steven Daley and Emerson Guild.
We have an auto rental company willing to provide our Community based tourism Transportation services based on need at this time.

The capital investment to set up this community based program in Belize  would cover infrastructure cost in the areas described below:

1) Renovation of Belize Liberty Hall as a Historic site.
2) Establishing necessary infrastructure (offices, office equiptment, utilities for one season,  in three identified existing community tourism businesses areas Reggae Nights in Belize City [under construction] , Jungle Hut Resort in Dangriga [fully operational] and Sea Side Inn in Punta Gorda.
3) Capacity building and skill training for cultural tour guiding and related tourism services,   management, finance, marketing and other education for sustainable community based tourism.
4) Research

Belize City

In 1998, this colonial building was opened to the public by the government of Belize and renamed the "House of Culture" transforming it into a vibrant community center which welcomes all residents and visitors to Belize City.  The Belize City branch of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) was opened in 1920 in the wake of the Ex-Servicemen riot of 1919. The UNIA Liberty Hall building in Belize City is on the Barrack Road  and currently is in need of rennovation to revitalize its history and its legacy.


Jungle Hut Resort the home of our Community based Tourism Program.  Contact our community based tourism coordinator Mr Philip Usher at .  This is the Ideal place to start your investigation of this jewel called Belize.

Punta Gorda

In southern Belize there are the Lubantuun and Nim Li Punit sites. Lubantuum is the largest site in the south and was constructed entirely without the use of mortar! Each stone was carefully measured and cut to fit precisely together. Nim Li Punit has a wide variety of large stone carvings, some of which measure over 30 feet.  Lubantuum has been identified as the home of the Crystal Skull.

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