Our Programs

Arts & Self-Expression & Cultural Heritage

Through Art and Self-Expression project, we combine our traditional art forms such as drum playing with the technology of today such as storytelling through videography to help our children communicate and express themselves in healthier and positive ways.



Readers to Leaders Program

Through our Readers to Leaders program, we aim to bring about a reading culture among our children, but moreover to teach them their history and ancestral wisdom- the forgotten knowledge   of our past!

Life Skills Program & Job Force Trainings and Workshops

We at the Belize Action Community believe that to have a youth population whom has discovered his or her potential, and furthermore has developed skills and knowledge necessary to achieve those potentials is the best way to address the problems of criminal activities, drugs, and gang participation.  Through our Life Skills program and Job Force training, we have helped many of young people to regain their sense of belonging and self-worth.  Furthermore, we have helped our unskilled and at-risk youth to become proficient in various disciplines such as information technology, community gardening, construction, furniture making, and traditional crafts, such as drum making. We also provide academic counseling with scholarships as incentives for those who desire higher academic education. 









Urban Gardens for Food Security and Sustainable Living

Our Urban Gardens for Food Security and Peace  has been an on-going project on several locations, such as  the Wagner's Youth Facility (WYF) at Belize Central Prison, and some local schools and neighborhoods. We aim to seed a plant and let it grow wherever we can. Through our Urban Gardens for Food Security and Peace, we aim to teach the importance of mental & physical wellness and a better nutritious diet, but more importantly to teach our youth how important it is for us to become economically self-sufficient nation and be able to produce our own food.

Sports & Team-Building

Through playing sports such as soccer, basketball we allow our children to improve skills such as teamwork, communication, collaboration and determination. Team-building activities can help children develop leadership skills and their self-esteem.


Recovering our Histroy and passing it on to the next generation

2012 4th annual Flowers Bank Festival

The Annual Festival honors the 12 men from Flowers Bank community who paddled down the Belize River to cast their votes in the June 1st Public Meeting in 1797, which led to the historic victory at the Battle of St. George's Caye on Sept10, 1798.

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